GAINSWave Therapy

What is GAINSWAVE therapy?

GAINSWave, also known as shockwave therapy, utilizes low-intensity sound waves to increase blood flow or to the penis, repair aged blood vessels, stimulate angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels) and remove decades of micro-plaques in vessels of the penis. GAINSWave is a specific shockwave protocol designed to optimize efficacy, safety and results.


The GAINSWave Seattle difference and Dr. Kass

Dr. Kate Kass lead the industry, as the first practitioner to bring GAINSWave to the West Coast and Seattle. A breakthrough solution for better erections and optimal sexual performance at any age, GAINSWave leverages cutting-edge technology for men seeking better erectile function. Dr. Kass is a shockwave therapy pioneer, one of only two doctors in the US who initially saw the potential and started treating patients with GAINSWave. She has performed more GAINSWave procedures than any other doctor in Washington state and is one of the longest standing providers in the US of GAINSWave therapy.


It’s just like going to the gym and training a muscle…it’s the equivalent of a bench press.
— JW Redmond, WA

Is GAINSWave Seattle for you?

  • Do you experience erectile dysfunction? GAINSWave Seattle is for you.
    GAINSWave is a safe, effective alternative to Viagra and other oral ED medications. In fact, it has proven to enhance sexual performance without any side effects. Men often experience improved erections within 24 hours of treatment.

  • Do you suffer from Peyronie’s Disease? GAINSWave Seattle is for you.
    GAINSWave is a drug-free, surgery free way to break down scar tissue and reduce the curvature of the penis, both characteristics of Peyronie’s Disease.

  • Are you simply seeking enhanced male performance? GAINSWave Seattle is for you.
    Any man can benefit from GAINSWave. If you want to perform your best and increase sexual satisfaction, GAINSWave can help.


How does GAINSWave (aka shockwave therapy) work?

GAINSWave works via three mechanisms:

  1. High-frequency acoustic waves stimulate nitric oxide synthase production within the vessels in the penis. This helps dilate vessels and bring more blood flow to the existing blood vessels in the penis.

  2. GAINSWave treatment has been proven in study after study to stimulate growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and growth of new nerve tissue (neurogenesis). Regeneration of blood vessels and nerve tissue addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction, leading to firmer, more sensitive, and sustainable erections.

  3. GAINSWave eliminates micro-plaques. This increases blood in the penis and improves the health of the vessels and their ability to dilate and fill with blood. This leads to stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections in just 6–12 treatments.

This process of neurogenesis and angiogenesis enhances sensitivity in the penis. Because GAINSWave uses low-intensity sound waves and is non-invasive, it is also referred to as low-intensity shockwave therapy.

After the first session, I noticed a definite improvement. And then about three months later, I had another round of GAINSWave treatments that just went through the roof. My sensitivity was dramatically higher compared to before, the maintainability was greatly improved…Now I have a sex life with GAINSWave that goes beyond what I had in my 20s.
— Karl, 63

What to expect during your GAINSWave Seattle procedure

Patients should arrive 30 minutes prior to their treatment so a numbing cream can be applied. (For follow-up treatments, the numbing cream can be applied at home prior to the appointment.) During the 20–30 minute procedure, Dr. Kass will treat patients using the GAINSWave trademarked protocol and equipment. That’s it! Patients can resume their day with no downtime.

And while results vary, 75 percent of men experience positive test results post-treatment, with some experiencing a spontaneous erection within 24 hours.

Is a GAINSWave treatment painful or embarrassing?

No. The 20-minute procedure is non-invasive and completely painless. Dr. Kass has delivered hundreds of shockwave (GAINSWave) treatments to male patients for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and improved sexual wellness. On average Dr. Kass performs 3–7 treatments per day. Dr. Kass and her staff are experts in erectile dysfunction, and their discreet, professional service allows patients to feel confident and comfortable throughout the process. Improving sexual function is a priority for many men. Dr. Kass and her team have effective protocols, including GAINSWave, that address the underlying cause of declining sexual performance. Patients leave the office with better sexual performance and satisfaction.

Here’s what one patient had to say:

Dr. Kass made an uncomfortable discussion comfortable in the first 5 minutes of my visit. I knew immediately I was working with a doctor who was an expert at treating ED, had prepared protocols and clearly performed many treatments. What I thought was going to be embarrassing or awkward was actually a breeze. The GAINSWave and PRP was fairly painless and Dr. Kass had an excellent bedside manner. I’m noticing some promising improvements 3 weeks into treatments.
— T.H., Bellevue, WA

Is there downtime after a GAINSWave treatment?

There is no downtime after a GAINSWave treatment. In fact, Dr. Kass encourages sexual activity as soon as possible after the procedure to encourage blood flow to the treated area.

The very same night…it was amazing what kind of reactions it gave me.
— Ronald LA, CA

How soon do patients see results?

While the process of new vessel formation can take 3–4 months, some men show improvement immediately. In fact, many GAINSWave patients can have morning or nocturnal erections within 24 hours, due to the nitric oxide (a vasodilator) released in the bloodstream during the procedure.

Right after the first treatment, I was engorged. I could see I was bigger. After the fifth treatment, I started to get spontaneous erections.
— S.L. Florida

How many GAINSWave treatments do you need?

Patients typically need 6–12 treatments, depending on their goals. Dr. Kass offers GAINSWave  preventative maintenance programs in Seattle, Bellevue, and surrounding areas to maintain results and optimize performance.

How long do GAINSWave Seattle results last?

The effects of GAINSWave therapy have been medically proven to last 1–2 years. A recent European study using Doppler ultrasound imaging showed that patients had improved hemodynamics (blood flow) in the penis one year after treatment.

Nearly 75% of men with erectile dysfunction saw a reversal of their condition after GAINSWave treatment, and reported improved sexual performance. The majority of patients with ED were able to reduce oral ED medications or discontinue entirely after receiving the GAINSWave procedure.

Why should you choose Dr. Kass as your GAINSWave Seattle provider?

Dr. Kate Kass is a GAINSWave pioneer, having been one of the only doctors in the US to initially see the potential and start treating patients with GAINSWave therapy. She has performed more GAINSWave treatments in Washington state than any other doctor. Dr. Kass is passionate about discovering new technology like GAINSWave and helping patients achieve great outcomes.

When you visit Dr. Kass, you can expect hands-on treatment. In most cases, Dr. Kass performs all treatments herself, as opposed to many clinics where a patient is handed off to a technician for the procedure.

Dr. Kass brings a comprehensive approach to treating erectile dysfunction and men who simply want to enhance sexual performance. Upon arrival, Dr. Kass spends, on average, an hour with a patient to understand his lifestyle and health history, and orders a comprehensive blood panel that looks at everything from testosterone levels and thyroid function to cardiovascular health, all of which can contribute to ED.

Patients are usually able to start their treatment package on the first day. During a follow-up visit, Dr. Kass will review lab work with them, along with any other variables that might be contributing to ED. Often, Dr. Kass can combine GAINSWave treatments with the platelet rich plasma (P-Shot)  for maximum results.

The things I was doing before GAINSWave were Band-Aids and the Band-Aids kept falling off…GAINSWave, as far as I’m concerned, is a far more permanent patch.
— Michael

How does GAINSWave Seattle treatments differ from other ED solutions?

GAINSWave seems almost too good to be true, but it’s the real deal.

GAINSWave Seattle therapy:

  • Is drug- and surgery-free

  • Is non-invasive, with little or no known side effects

  • Is a simple in-office procedure—each treatment only takes 20–30 minutes

  • Provides long-lasting results with no downtime

  • Addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction: poor blood flow

The GAINSWave allowed me to have a firmer and thicker penis and a much quicker erection, much harder erection.
— Allen

Have studies proven GAINSWave shockwave therapy to be effective?

Absolutely! GAINSWave therapy, or shockwave therapy, has been used to great success in Europe for more than 15 years. In Japan and China, doctors are using shockwave therapy to help with coronary artery issues to help blood flow in the heart. The treatment has proven to be a mechanism that aids in vasodilation, as evidenced by these two studies:

In addition, more than 40 controlled studies confirm the effectiveness of GAINSWave’s shockwave treatment. Here are just a few:

GAINSWave in the news

More and more people are discovering the benefits of GAINSWave therapy. Here are just a few recent mentions of GAINSWave in the press:

It’s been incredible. I’ve had a couple of encounters where I felt like I was more erect and more hard than when I was a 20 year old.
— Jeff, 61

Why is GAINSWave Seattle a better solution than other treatments for ED?

With GAINSWave, there are no expensive prescriptions to refill, or pills to take. There are none of the harmful side effects that are associated with oral ED drugs. GAINSWave Seattle is ideal for men who can’t take oral ED medications, such as men with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. And GAINSWave can also treat Peyronie’s Disease, something Viagra and other oral ED drugs can’t do.

Contact our offices today to find out if you are a candidate for this life-changing procedure!

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Issaquah, Bellevue, and the Eastside

Because ED is something that affects men everywhere, Dr. Kate Kass has opened a new location in Bellevue, serving the Eastside. Dr. Kass now brings her knowledge and experience as the top (and the first on the west coast and Seattle) practitioner of GAINSWave to an even wider audience. Dr. Kass’ professionalism and no-nonsense approach has earned her an exceptional reputation as someone that can be trusted with a deeply personal medical condition. She is now accepting patients for the 6-12 session GAINSWave process. Dr. Kass is hands-on and works directly with patients as they make their way through the sessions.  

Dr. Kass is at the forefront of her field because she is dedicated to finding the newest and most effective techniques for treating mens’ and womens’ hormone and sexual health. GAINSWave has proven to cure ED in almost 75% of cases without pills, symptoms and pain. She believes in treating the core issue instead of the symptom. GAINSWave focuses on increasing blood flow in the penis and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. If you are a resident of Issaquah or the rest of the Eastside, call today to find out more information and make an appointment. The office is open 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday and by appointment.