Testosterone Replacement Therapy In Seattle

Treating Andropause: Improving Motivation, Mood, Libido & Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re like most men, you ignore health issues large and small, toughing it out until your body feels out of whack or accepting a slow decline in mood, motivation, and libido that you just chalk up to normal aging.

Perhaps you visit a primary care physician once a year who says everything’s fine, but you have a growing belly, no energy, and your erectile function isn’t what it used to be. Maybe you have an expanding medicine cabinet of pharmaceuticals that are causing unwanted side effects. Sound familiar?

That’s a shame because you don’t have to live with subpar health. There are many ways to optimize your health at any age and restore the youthful energy and vigor you used to depend on. It could be your thyroid, leaky gut, side effects to medications, or elevated cortisol levels that are laying you low.

And it could be low testosterone. Low testosterone affects your sexual function, but it can also be the root cause of fatigue, weight gain, sleep apnea, and a whole laundry list of less-than-desirable symptoms. But the good news is, if you seek out the right help, you can prevent disease and regain a sense of wellness and vitality.

That’s where Dr. Kate Kass comes in. A licensed primary care physician, Dr. Kass specializes in functional medicine, age management, and men’s sexual wellness.

She seeks out cutting-edge therapies, tests, and protocols from the worlds of conventional and functional medicine to diagnose the root problem and create an effective treatment plan customized to your specific symptoms and concerns. (Read more about Dr. Kass’s philosophy)

Testosterone Affects Libido, Erectile Dysfunction & So Much More

Starting around a man’s mid-30s, total testosterone declines at a rate of 10 percent each decade and more than 40 percent of males 40 and above have a testosterone deficiency.

 It is during this time that men experience andropause, the male counterpart to menopause. Testosterone is tricky. It doesn’t just affect sexual performance. In fact, you actually may have satisfactory erectile function but still test below optimal levels for testosterone.

Why does this matter? Because testosterone is a factor in all sorts of bodily functions. When your levels are optimal, testosterone protects against cardiovascular disease, reduces blood sugar, improves lean muscle mass, increases bone density, decreases cholesterol, and increases libido and sexual performance.

It’s a powerful tool in preventing disease and improving your quality of life. When you have low testosterone, however, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue, lack of energy

  • Decreasing or no libido (i.e. sex drive)

  •   Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection

  • No morning erection

  • Decrease in muscle mass

  • Change in fat distribution (especially around the middle)

  • Weight gain unrelated to diet

  •  Poor memory

  • Decrease in motivation or inability to concentrate

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Lack of self-esteem

  • Night sweats or insomnia

  • Gynecomastia (i.e. enlargement of men’s breasts)

  • Irritability

  • Hair loss

  • Sleep apnea

If any of these symptoms strike a chord, you may have a testosterone decline, and you should seek out an expert for a comprehensive evaluation.

As a specialist in testosterone replacement therapy in Seattle, Dr. Kass believes that you don’t have to resign yourself to unwanted symptoms of aging.

In her practice, she has helped male patients regain vitality and their libido, manage their weight, and improve their mood - all while slowing the aging process and preventing disease.


Dr. Kass has extensive training and experience in all the safe, effective methods of testosterone delivery, and is one of the few practitioners trained to offer testosterone via pellet implantation.

Dr. Kass fine tunes your treatment, and manages the various adjunctive hormones that also play a role in optimizing testosterone function and your overall health.