What Are Women Say After One Viveve (Geneveve) Treatment?

“I’m a mom of three active kids. I was always embarrassed when I peed my pants after jump roping with them or bouncing on the trampoline. I didn’t know there was help for that kind of thing until my friend told me about Viveve. I read reviews of the treatment and decided to have it done. Wow, is all I can say. The 30-minute procedure was painless and the leakage is GONE!“

“After menopause, I started to experience pain with sex due to dryness and tearing. I tried using more lube but that didn’t really work. I was in my early 50s and didn’t want to give up sex! After one treatment with Viveve, I could tell the difference. And things have only gotten better since then. Now I have more lubrication and no more tearing! Plus, I feel tighter. My husband has the noticed a difference, too. Ladies, check out Viveve. You will be happy.”

Vaginal Rejuvenation

If you’re a woman experiencing any of the following symptoms - you’re not alone!

  • Pain during sex

  • Orgasms that are weaker than they used to be

  • Difficulty reaching orgasms

  • Vaginal dryness (poor lubrication)

  • Vaginal atrophy due to aging

  • Tissue atrophy, tissue laxity or visual changes to the outer vagina (Labia)

  • Urinary leakage with sneezing, jumping, coughing etc. (stress urinary incontinence)

Demand for women’s elective procedures that improve vaginal and sexual health have increased dramatically in recent years. Thankfully, Dr. Kate Kass offers a solution that is highly effective, nonsurgical, virtually pain-free and addresses all of these symptoms.

How The Viveve (Geneveve) Procedure Works

The Viveve (Geneveve) solution is a Radio Frequency (RF) vaginal treatment that stimulates connective tissue and collagen production, which are both responsible for elasticity, lubrication, and sensitivity. By causing stimulation, the Viveve treatment can address all the issues listed above.

A patented cryogen-cooled applicator delivers RF waves that transmit gentle pulses of heat energy into the vaginal tissue and deeper structural systems of the vagina, causing the tissues to contract and to increase collagen production. This treatment has been proven to be highly effective for both post-partum and post-menopausal women - resulting in improved sexual function, better lubrication, orgasm, vaginal tone, and reduced urinary incontinence.

Why Viveve?

Dr. Kass conducted a thorough investigation of all the treatments on the market and chose the Viveve (Geneveve) platform because it provides her patients with a clinically-proven solution that is both highly effective and comfortable.

While there are other vaginal rejuvenation treatments available, such as MonaLisa Touch and ThermiVa, Dr. Kass chose Viveve (Geneveve) because of its edge over competitors. The patented applicator, with its outer cooling mechanism, is able to deliver higher temperatures to delicate, soft tissues, penetrating 5-10 times deeper than any other vaginal device available. Higher temperatures result in better collagen production at a deeper level that impacts vaginal tone, incontinence and sexual function (improved arousal).

This is not labiaplasty, which is a more intrusive approach whereby plastic surgery is performed to physically alter the labia. With Viveve (Geneveve), there is no invasive surgery that can potentially damage tissues, so patients don’t experience downtime from crusting and weeping like with other devices. Additionally, Viveve is the only vaginal rejuvenation device that yields results after just one treatment vs three treatments with other devices.

And Viveve (Geneveve) is clinically proven to work! The Viveve 1 Study showed a significant improvement in arousal, lubrication, and orgasm versus a sham treatment (a device without effective stimulation emissions). More specifically, the Viveve I Study demonstrated:

  • There were NO serious adverse events in patients treated with the active treatment
    Improvement of arousal and/or orgasm was statistically significant as self-reported by 9 out of 10 patients

  • Further, two previous pilot clinical trials conducted by Viveve (Geneveve) in the U.S. and Japan, showed sustained tightening at 12 months

So many women have found Viveve (Geneveve) to make a tremendous difference. You can read personal reviews here.

What to Expect

The treatment is performed in Dr. Kass’ office by an obstetrics/gynecology-trained registered nurse and requires only one session that takes between 30 and 45 minutes.  There is no surgery, no topical or injectable anesthetic and the procedure requires no downtime - you can have a treatment during your lunch hour and return to work right afterward.

Dr. Kass’s Integrative Approach

Dr. Kass’s has a deep understanding of women’s sexual and health issues and her clinic offers a myriad of other treatments for women facing post-partum and post-menopausal challenges. Dr. Kass offers add-on treatments to Viveve (Geneveve) including the O-Shot. (You can find out more by visiting this page.) She evaluates every patient to determine if different or additional treatments will provide improvement and relief. And Dr. Kass is a proponent of looking at a woman’s health from a foundational level by evaluating five key pillars: healthy gut function, emotional well-being, reduced toxin exposure, balanced hormones, and physical activity.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Viveve (Geneveve) procedure safe?

A: Yes, it is clinically proven to be both safe and effective. With just one gentle 30-45 minute treatment, you can return to regular activities after the procedure.

Q. Will I experience any pain?

A. Most women experience a heating and cooling sensation during the treatment, but typically no pain or discomfort.

Q. Will I have any side effects during or after the treatment?

A. Most women don’t experience any side effects during or after the treatment.

Q. How long should I wait to have vaginal intercourse after the treatment?

A. The affected area may be a bit sensitive to friction, so Dr. Kass advises patients to refrain from sexual intercourse (or using a tampon) for 48 hours following the procedure.

Q. How soon will I see improvement after the treatment?

A: Most women see improvement within a few weeks, with noticeable improvement in sensitivity, tightness, reduction or elimination of stress incontinence within six to nine weeks.

Q. How long do the improvements last?

A. The treatment is designed to result in improvements that last approximately one year. There is also a promising study being conducted that is verifying treatment outcomes at 18 months.

Q. Is Viveve (Geneveve) only for post-partum patients?

A. This treatment benefits women of all ages! Both post-partum and post-menopausal patients can find relief with Viveve.

Q. Is Viveve (Geneveve) the only procedure Dr. Kass offers?

A. Dr. Kass evaluated several treatment options and selected Viveve (Geneveve) as the sole solution for a number of reasons. Viveve (Geneveve) reaches deeper than other technologies on the market and takes just a single treatment (as opposed to other devices which necessitate multiple treatments). It is also safe, comfortable, and provides longer, more sustainable results which are clinically-proven.

Additionally, Dr. Kass’s clinic specializes in women’s sexual and health issues and offers a myriad of other treatments (for example, PRP Therapy) for women facing post-partum and post-menopausal issues (more information available here). She evaluates every patient to determine if different or additional treatments will provide improvement and relief.

Q. How much experience does Dr. Kass with Viveve (Geneveve)?

A. Dr. Kass and her obstetrics/gynecology trained registered nurses have performed hundreds of these procedures over the past several years.

Q. How do I learn more or set up a consultation about this treatment?

A. To learn more about the Viveve (Geneveve) treatment or other options for vaginal health, please contact Dr. Kass.